Please note: European delivery is temporarily disabled due to significant delays and other issues (Important info for EU customers)

Important Information For Our European Customers

We have important news to share with our European customers about difficulties we are experiencing shipping consumer orders to European countries. Due to huge delays, orders getting lost, and unexpected charges we are having to take this short term action to ensure that the problems don't continue or worsen. 

We are temporarily stopping consumer deliveries into Europe until the 15th of February 2021. We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause.

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BBC micro:bit V2 - Club Box (pack of 10)
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Fluted Polypropylene, 4mm x 610mm x 610mm, Packs of 10
5mm Birch Laser Plywood, 800mm x 600mm sheet


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Green Energy - Adding a Solar Panel to the Kitronik Smart Greenhouse

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Greenhouses are used for growing plants. Plant rely on an amount of sunlight to grow, and so we can also use some of this sunlight to power the control system. Harvesting sunlight to product electricity is possible by using solar panels. The Kitronik Smart Greenhouse kit includes a 5697 Environmental Control Board i...

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