Looking for inspiration? Check out our tutorials sections.

Electronic Project Tutorials

The electronics tutorials page contains student and hobbyist friendly projects giving detailed explanation on how they can be built. These include: a dimmer light, various light / heat switched applications, a 7 segment dice using logic gates and much more. Click here to get making.

E-Textiles and Wearables Tutorials & Resources

This Kitronik University resource is for anyone interested in E-Textiles and wearables. For those who don't know what electronic textiles are we cover all of the basics including elementary circuit design, and basic do's and don'ts when using conductive thread. If you're looking for something more advanced we have a range of tutorials for many of our Electro-Fashion components including our Igloo, PICAXE wearable module. Click here to get sewing.

Scout Electronics Badge Resources

This page has parts lists for the IET Scouts electronic badge projects. Click here to see the Scout resources.

LED Resistor Calculator

This page allows you to choose one of our LEDs from a list, enter the battery voltage and the page will calculate the resistor that you need to use. Click here for our LED Resistor Calculator.

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