Our resources for secondary school teachers are second to none. In this section you'll find out what to expect when purchasing a high quality project kit from Kitronik as well as all of our teaching note for all of our kits. If you're unsure which kit you need our kit selector can help.

Teaching Resources

This one stop page features all of our teaching notes for our own kits, as well as cutting files, and other resources for kits we sell. Click here to see our teaching resources.

D&T Electronics Kit Selector

A table indicating which kits fulfil certain aspect of the D&T Electronics GCSE. Click here to check our Electronics Kit Selector.

About our Project Kits

What to expect from a Kitronik project kit: Teaching Notes and PCB information. Click here to find out what to expect from a Kitronik Project kit.

Memory Stick Resource

This resource has been designed to show how you can use our uncased memory stick modules as the basis for a 3D printing project. A memory stick is a great place to start when learning how to use 3D Printers and CAD software. This is because they are small in size, meaning they are quick to print (when compared to larger designs), but can still offer a wide range of learning and design experiences. Click here to get started.

3D Models

3D models of several of our kits, useful for anyone using CAD to design a laser cut or 3D printed case. Click here to get designing.

Programming Tasks

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