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Rhinestones, Red 3mm Gem, pack of 500
Save 78%
Rhinestones, Yellow 3mm Gem, pack of 500
Save 37%
large sparkfun microview usb programmer
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large pvc sheet
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large micro switch long lever
From £0.50 £0.69
Micro Switch (Long Lever)
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large 6mm PCB mount tactile switch
Save 27%
large redboard programmed with arduino
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large CR1220 PCB mount battery with pins
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large chassis mount 35mm jack
From £0.25 £0.33
3.5mm Chassis Mount Connector
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large stereo PCB jack socket
From £0.15 £0.23
Stereo PCB Socket
Save 29%
large picaxe ICs
£2 £2.80
Save 67%
large yellow 5mm super flux led
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large 10mm led clip
From £0.20 £0.32
10mm Panel Mount LED Clip
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1K large 025W 1K carbon track potentiometer.JPG
From £0.40 £0.74
Panel Mount 1k POT
Save 39%
01 large kitronik sewable zip led microbit front
Save 20%
large red abs filament robox smartreel
Save 20%
large blue abs filament robox smartreel
Save 6%
large lilypad pixel
Save 50%
large laika explorer left
Save 18%
large lilypad vibe board
£6.50 £7.95
LilyPad Vibe Board
Save 38%
large lilypad protoboard small
Save 33%
large BNC probe kit
£10 £15
BNC Probe Kit
Save 34%
large digital oscilloscope DIY kit
Save 28%
large lilypad buzzer
£4.85 £6.75
LilyPad Buzzer

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