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large 100mm protective speaker grill round
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2K2 large 22K thermistor
From £0.25 £0.45
2.2k Thermistor
Save 42%
large temperature sensor break out
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large centre off slide switch
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large standard slide switch
From £0.25 £0.35
Standard Slide Switch (Large)
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large logic level converter
£1.75 £2.50
Logic Level Converter
Save 70%
large amber 3mm led
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33R large wirewound resistor 2 5W 33 ohms
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2R2 large wirewound resistor 2 5W 2 2 ohms
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470UH large 470uH inductor
From £0.15 £0.35
Inductor 470uH
Save 40%
large kitronik sewable zip led microbit front
Save 49%
large e textiles magnet activated kit front packaged
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Perspex Sheet (Fluorescent) 5mm x 1000mm x 600mm
Save 20%
large neo pixel jewel front
Save 40%
large ball caster with 3 8 metal ball
Save 74%
Hammond Red Translucent Box 113 x 61 x 31
Save 57%
large super capacitor charge controller kit
Save 41%
large 5v power supply
Save 60%
large jumper wires premium M M pack 10
Save 50%
large accelerometer break out
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large miniature PCB mount slide switch
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large PCB mount slide switch
From £0.25 £0.49
PCB Mount Slide Switch
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large square latching switch

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