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large spst toggle switch
large SPST round rocker switch
large miniature push to make panel mount switch
large ltr 4206 phototransistor main
large miniature spdt toggle switch
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large standard slide switch
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Standard Slide Switch (Large)
large SPST sub miniature toggle switch
large 33mm push button blue
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large flat profile tact switch
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Flat Profile Tact Switch
large SPST rectangular switch
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large square latching switch
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large miniature PCB mount slide switch
Electro-Fashion, Light Level Detector
large 33mm push button pink
large 33mm push button green
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large micro switch long lever
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Micro Switch (Long Lever)
large PIR motion sensor
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large miniature push to break panel mount switch
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large temperature sensor break out
large miniature DPDT slide switch
large pir passive infrared detection motion sensor
large thumb joystick

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