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large spst toggle switch
large SPST round rocker switch
large miniature push to make panel mount switch
large miniature spdt toggle switch
large ltr 4206 phototransistor main
large SPST sub miniature toggle switch
large 33mm push button blue
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large standard slide switch
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Standard Slide Switch (Large)
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large square latching switch
large SPST rectangular switch
large flat profile tact switch
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large miniature PCB mount slide switch
Electro-Fashion, Light Level Detector
large 33mm push button pink
large 33mm push button green
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discontinued item
large temperature sensor break out
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large micro switch long lever
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Micro Switch (Long Lever)
large miniature DPDT slide switch
large PIR motion sensor
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large miniature push to break panel mount switch
large 33mm push button yellow
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large 6mm PCB mount tactile switch
large pir passive infrared detection motion sensor

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