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large 1m usb noodle cable white
Save 46%
large klip halo for the bbc microbit
jst large klip halo v2 mattery pack microbit front
large lilytwinkle
large lilypad main board
large lilytiny
large lilypad temperature sensor
large usb mini cable 1 5 m
Save 28%
large lilypad buzzer
£4.85 £6.75
LilyPad Buzzer
Save 6%
large lilypad pixel
Save 20%
large lilypad lilymini protosnap
Save 18% For reference only
discontinued item
large lilypad vibe board
£6.50 £7.95
LilyPad Vibe Board
Save 38%
large lilypad protoboard small
LilyPad FTDI
LilyPad FTDI
large lilypad light sensor
large lilypad accelerometer

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