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large 1m usb noodle cable white
large jumper wires 20cm m f pack 10
Age 14+
Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the Arduino
large breadboard jumper wire pack
large ltr 4206 phototransistor main
large jumper wires 20cm m m pack 10
Jumper Wires 20cm F/F (Female to Female)
large makey makey classic joylab
2K2 large 22K thermistor
From £0.45
2.2k Thermistor
large motor driver break out
Cytron Maker Uno (Arduino compatible)
large 30cm servo extension cable
USB -B to 2.1mm Jack Cable, 5V, 2A
large usb mini cable 1 5 m
large infared receiver module
large PIR motion sensor
large 60cm servo extension cable
Age 14+
Autonomous Robotics Platform - Line Follower Board
Works with Pico
large 5v 1amp charger booster top side
Age 11+
Kitronik Line Following board for :MOVE motor
Works with micro:bit V1 and V2
4K7 large 4.7K thermistor
large jumper wires premium m f pack 10
large light sensor break out

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