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Kitronik Inventor's Kit for the Arduino
large breadboard jumper wire pack
large 1m usb noodle cable white
large jumper wires 20cm m f pack 10
large makey makey classic joylab
large jumper wires 20cm m m pack 10
large light dependent resistor ldr
From £1.27
Standard LDR
large ltr 4206 phototransistor main
large 5v 1amp charger booster top side
large 60cm servo extension cable
Save 37%
large sparkfun microview usb programmer
large light sensor break out
large relay driver break out
large jumper wires premium M M pack 10
large PIR motion sensor
large 12 button keypad
large pulse sensor heart rate arduino plug n play
large 30cm male to female servo splitter cable
large 30cm servo extension cable

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