Learn about working with laser materials. Learn how to get the most from your laser cutter, how to work with specific materials, how to work some materials by hand, about the properties of materials, and much more.

Whats in the working with materials tutorials?

Lasercut & Thermoformed Polypropylene Rose Lamp completed project

Lasercut & Thermoformed Polypropylene Rose Lamp

We're back with another project! This one is inspired by the beginning of Spring 2021, and features a couple of more advanced techniques. We've got all of the usual links to the materials and a free DXF download. The key to the whole build is the transparent polypropylene, it's amazing what applying some heat can do!
What is Greencast® Acrylic? all colours

What is Greencast® Acrylic?

Greencast® is the most sustainable acrylic in the world, and, it's available from Kitronik and is a laser grade material. Learn about how it's made, its properties, and how it can worked and used...
What Is Laser Plywood (laserply) plywoods in shelving

What Is Laser Plywood (laserply)?

Laser plywoods (laserply) are some of our most popular materials and that popularity seems to be growing. It is a material of choice for both schools and makers alike, as you can achieve stunning results relatively easily. It is also a cost-effective material that is perfect for making high-quality items such as enclosures. Find out more...
Bamboo Sheet Facts & Side Pressed and Plain Pressed Explained

What Is Bamboo Plus Side Pressed & Plain Pressed Explained

Bamboo clearly has a lot going for it. It's green, it's durable, and it can make a great replacement for traditional hardwoods. Find out what makes bamboo great and learn about the differences between side pressed and plain pressed sheets. 
compare poplar plywood to birch plywood (laserply)

How is Poplar Plywood Different to Birch Plywood

We compare Birch Plywood and Poplar Plywood (laserply) and explore the properties of each. Before you add to cart, check out which material is right for your needs. This guide takes into account; mechanical properties, aesthetics, sustainability, and also how each responds to laser cutting.
laser engraving laminates featured

Examples Of Laser Engraving Laminate Sheets

Find out how you can make use of Kitronik's range of Laser Engraving Laminate Sheets. The material is made of a solid base material covered with a thin laminate that can be removed using laser etching. There are a range of colours allowing you to make a sign for every occasion!
A Guide On Using Laser Materials

A Guide On Using Laser Materials

This guide on using laser materials covers both Perspex acrylic sheets and laser wood including MDF, laminated MDF and plywood, aiming to answer those questions.
8 Things You Didn't Know About Perspex® Acrylic Sheets

8 Things You Didn't Know About Perspex® Acrylic Sheets

As Perspex is one of the most popular materials for Design and Technology we thought it would be interesting to share some facts that many people might not know. We've picked 8 things that we think many people won't know about this highly versatile and widely used design material. How many did you know?
Plywood (laserply) production

Plywood: The Production Process

A steps by step guide showing how the plywood manufacturing or production process makes a finished sheet of laser plywood starting with a tree. The guide shows stages from turning trees into veneers, which are graded, dried, glued together, pressed and trimmed to make a sheet of laser plywood (laserply).
How to cut Perspex featured image

How to cut Perspex

Learn how to cut Perspex using a saw or scribe in this Kitronik University tutorial, which is part of the working with materials course.
laser plywood (laserply) and mdf glue types.

Plywood glue types and classifications

With different laser plywood (laserply) glue types and classifications available for plywood depending on it's end use, we put together this simple guide for all of our plywood.
laserplywood (laserply) care and storage

Looking after your plywood

Whilst we take every reasonable precaution to store our laser plywood's (laserply) and other sheet materials flat, in some cases there will be unavoidable warping or twisting. Read on to find out the best way to look after it.
Plywood grades (laserply)

A Guide to Plywood Grading

Plywood (laserply) is graded using a lettering system, this guide explains what quality of finish should be expected for each of the UK grades including photos. It also explains how two grades are used to give the same or different quality finishes on either side of a sheet of material.
Perspex Preparation and After-care featured image

Perspex Preparation and After-care

This Kitronik University course is part of the working with materials course, and covers aspects of preparing Perspex before work, and after-care.
Engraving, Finishing and Polishing Perspex featured image

Engraving, Finishing and Polishing Perspex

This Kitronik University course is part of the working with materials course, and covers aspects of engraving, finishing, and polishing Perspex.
Drilling, Screwing and Tapping Perspex

Drilling, Screwing and Tapping Perspex

This Kitronik University course is part of the working with materials course, and covers aspects of drilling, tapping and screwing Perspex.
Machining and Routing Perspex featured image

Machining and Routing Perspex

Some detail into sawing, machining and routing Perspex Acrylic Sheets.