compare poplar plywood to birch plywood (laserply)

Poplar is a cultivated wood that grows faster than Birch. Poplar trees are cultivated over a period of around 7 years. They are then harvested and replanted. This provides an endless cycle of sustainable wood from carefully managed forests. Because Poplar grows quickly the wood it produces is less dense than that from slower-growing Birch trees.

This means that the denser (stronger) Birch wood used to make Birch Plywood (laserply) makes it ideal for many construction tasks where its increased strength is a benefit.

The lower density of Poplar means it can be laser cut at lower power settings than Birch. Poplar also has little (or no) internal knots, which also aids consistency of cutting. The difference can be seen in the two images below, which were both cut on our laser cutter at the same power and speed.

birch and poplar comparison

Conclusion. For applications where strength is key Birch is an ideal choice. For users looking for plywood that can be cut consistently on lower power setting then Poplar plywood is a product that is well worth trying.


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