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Kitronik :MOVE Motor for microbit robot buggy main
large linear actuator robotics servo built angle
large kitronik klaw mk 2 robotic gripper under side
large mearm microbit blue robot arm
For reference only
discontinued item
large all in 1 robotics board microbit
:MOVE Motor Klaw assembled
Edison V2.0 Robot
For reference only
discontinued item
large mearm raspberry pi transparent blue robot arm
SV large press moulded wheel servo motor tyres pair fitted
For reference only
discontinued item
large mearm arduino blue robot arm
large l9110s 2 channel motor driver 2.5v 12v h bridge stepper motor
large edison v2 programmable buggy edcreate parts.jpeg
D large injection moulded wheel d shaft motor tyres pair
TT large press moulded wheel tt motor tyres pair fitted
large seeed grove ultra sonic sensor module
large mearm classic transparent blue robot arm
large axle mounting bracket
large edison robot spares pack
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large bump spin built
£2.10 £5.05
Bump and Spin Kit

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