Let us take the trouble out of manufacturing your schools PCBs. Not only will our boards be much less hassle than making them yourself but you will get an FR4 PCB with component identification and solder resist, drilled, cut and ready for use. Approximately monthly we have a batch of typically 100+ panels of PCBs made with a selection of different boards. By adding your PCB on to our panel we can offer you boards without a tooling charge and can pass on the volume savings we receive. You must order in multiples of 100 and prices depend on quantity and size of board. Prices from 3p per square cm. This service is for batches of identical boards, unfortunately we can't manufacture student project PCBs where each board in the order is a different design.

PCB data

Most educational software such as crocodile clips and circuit wizard allow you to manufacture the boards you have designed. To allow this to happen we need some 'gerber' files. These files are a list of vector coordinates that describe where the tracks go, the location of pads, holes etc. To help you understand which files we need and how to generate them from your software we've written a PDF. This includes instructions for circuit wizard and crocodile clips, but whichever package you use the process is similar.

Manufacturing PCBs.PDF

Time scales

Your order will take between 5 to 10 weeks, depending on when we are next manufacturing PCBs, please contact us to find out when the deadline is for the next batch of boards. Please note: if you haven't generated gerber data before we may ask you for extra files, so please attempt to supply the data well before the day of final submission.

Cost calculator

Simply enter the dimensions of your PCB and click calculate to find out the cost.

Width Units

Price per PCB (no set-up charge):

Qty 100 200 500
Cost each


To order PCBs you need to Email the gerber data to us and also send us an official order. We need both before we will add your boards to our panel.