What is Fluted Polypropylene (AKA Corrugated Plastic/Correx)

Fluted Polypropylene, also known as Corrugated Plastic & Correx, is a formidable material that you may be unfamiliar with. We intend to shed some light on it and show you why we think it's a super useful material to have on hand in the workshop.

If you need a hard-wearing material for signage or as protection for something, this may be the material for you. Get up to speed in less time than it takes to drink your coffee! Let's see what it's all about. 


What is Fluted Polypropylene ( AKA Corrugated Plastic & Correx):

Correx is a corrugated plastic that is made by extruding the material through a corrugated dye. The resulting 2-ply fluted plastic sheet is strong, semi-rigid, weather-resistant, chemical resistant, and lightweight. This makes it suitable for use outside and in. The material is also fully recyclable and very cost-effective. 

Signage made from this corrugated polypropylene is extremely commonplace as it can be easily digital/screen printed. Additionally, it stands up to the weather well and can be wiped clean without compromising the printing. The printing will degrade in sunlight over time, but for short term signage, it's hard to beat.


How can it be worked:

These hard-wearing corrugated plastic sheets can be worked by hand or cut on a laser cutter. On a laser cutter, it is always best to try out settings on a scrap piece first. It might take a little trial and error to get the settings right. When cutting by hand we found that sharp tools will make for an easier time. If you attempt the job with anything less than sharp, be prepared for a lot of hacking.

For these reasons, we would recommend that this probably wouldn't be a suitable task for the younger students, those safety scissors just won't cut it. If you are going to be creating signage, a good heavy duty guillotine should do the job nicely.


What can it be used for:

You can find Correx in use for a diverse range of things, across a broad section of industries. It's extremely popular among sign makers and you can find it in use in 'For Sale' signs all over the country. You will also see it used for all sorts of temporary signage, such as on lampposts. If you've ever been to outdoor gigs or festivals, you have probably walked past 100s of examples. It not only handles the weather well, it also stands up to rough treatment and high traffic areas.

You will also find it in use all over the construction industry. Again, it is often used for signage, for the same reasons as it's used for outdoor events. It is also used to protect things like floors, walls, and windows while building works are being carried out. Correx is also used for creating permanent frameworks in concrete construction.

As a maker material, it can be used to make items that might need to sit outside in the elements, or in humid environments. It can also be used to cover windows as a filter, which can drastically alter the 'feel' of a room.


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