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large 33mm push button yellow
large thumb joystick
large magnetic door switch
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discontinued item
large light dependent resistor ldr
From £1.27 £4.50
Standard LDR
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large micro switch medium lever
From £0.45 £0.69
Micro Switch with Medium Lever
large light sensor break out
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2K2 large 22K thermistor
From £0.30 £0.45
2.2k Thermistor
large key switch
Key Switch
large non mercury tilt switch
large PCB mount microphone insert
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discontinued item
large accelerometer break out
large infared receiver module
4K7 large 4.7K thermistor
large centre off slide switch
large on off on slide switch
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discontinued item
large pcb mount tilt switch 90 deg mount short
large arcade joystick medium handled
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large current sensor break out
large thumb joystick breakout board
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large PCB mount slide switch
From £0.22 £0.49
PCB Mount Slide Switch
large 12 button keypad
large miniature pcb spdt high current slide switch

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