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Connectors for 8mm width LED Strip
Age 14+
Kitronik ZIP96 Retro Gamer for Raspberry Pi Pico
Works with Pico
Pimoroni - Piano HAT for Raspberry Pi
Works with Raspberry Pi
Kitronik Stereo Amplifier Kit
BBC micro:bit branded 30cm black USB cable
Works with micro:bit V1 and V2
Pimoroni - BME688 4-in-1 Air Quality Breakout
Works with Raspberry Pi
Pimoroni Breakout Garden Mini (I2C + SPI)
Works with Raspberry Pi
Pimoroni - Pico Breakout Garden Pack
Works with Pico
Age 11+
Kitronik Pen Lifter for :MOVE Motor for BBC micro:bit
306pcs Universal Diffused LED Lamp Kit
Kitronik 3 x AA Protected battery pack
Kitronik Round Side Illumination LED Module angled front

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