Dave Sanderson photo

David Sanderson joined Kitronik in Feb 2017 as Technical Director. Dave has a Master of Engineering degree in Electronic, Computer and Systems Engineering from Loughborough University. He is also a Chartered Engineer, having gained a wealth of experience in a variety of industries.

Since graduating in 2000 he has worked in the specification, design and implementation of control systems for Oil and Gas, Railway, and Electrical generation, before becoming involved in a novel Optical metrology spin-out from Loughborough University.

Following that, Dave moved to the Marine sphere and was responsible for leading the engineering development team at Guidance Marine. Whilst at Guidance Marine Dave presented at conferences internationally on the complexities of user interface design, how complex tools should make life simpler, and the synergy of automotive and marine autonomous vessels.

Dave is convinced that the increasing use of technology in all aspects of life is going to continue, and he believes that it is vital that such technology is both appropriate and simple to use. To develop such technology in the future will require that the student of today has a good grounding in how technology interacts with the real world and real people.

Kitronik strives to provide the best resources to enable that education to be gained, and Dave is proud to be a part of that journey. With a background in low level embedded software, on a variety of CPUs, including x86 and ARM, Dave has a good understanding of both hardware and software. This is complemented by experience in both precision manufacture and high speed, non-contact inspection.

Dave’s hobbies include Rock climbing and Mountain biking. He is also a qualified scuba diver to ISO 24801-2.