Gallery Mono Amplifiers - Audenshaw School
Richard Bond at Audenshaw School wrote: "These are examples of MP3 Amplifiers that our 6th form students have made as part of their A'Level Product Design course. Some use the Stereo circuit and others use the Mono circuit, depending upon their clients needs. They use the laser cutter for the majority of this project with a lot of finishing by hand to achieve a professional finish." "The students really enjoy the challenge of designing a product that shows Innovation, Creativity and Imagination and the addition of an easy to solder circuit to produce a finished working prototype makes the challenge more realistic as they also have to take into account the acoustic characteristics of the shape of their design and the materials they use." mono_amplifiers_audenshaw_school_01   mono_amplifiers_audenshaw_school_02   mono_amplifiers_audenshaw_school_03   mono_amplifiers_audenshaw_school_04   mono_amplifiers_audenshaw_school_05   mono_amplifiers_audenshaw_school_06

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