Gallery MP3 Amplifiers - Litcham High School featured image
Here are some examples of amplifier case designs by students at Litcham High School. Sharon Addy, Head of D&T wrote: "Just would like you thank you for the kits which have enabled me (a non-electronics specialist) to introduce this with our year 9 students. I have only run it through once so far with 2 groups but was really impressed with their enthusiasm for the project. As you can see from the attached photos the materials used and results were rather diverse, causing me a head ache at times, but they all worked and went home, so a good result!" mp3_amplifiers_litcham_high_school_01   mp3_amplifiers_litcham_high_school_02   mp3_amplifiers_litcham_high_school_03   mp3_amplifiers_litcham_high_school_04   mp3_amplifiers_litcham_high_school_05

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