FM Radio Kit Enclosure By Allan Sharman
Kitronik customer Alan Sharman sent in these shots of an enclosure that he made for our FM Radio Kit. Not only is it a great design, it also highlights that enclosures don't always have to be a box. The simple and clean design features a single piece of thermoformed acrylic that looks great and is also functional. FM Radio Kit Enclosure By Allan Sharman The FM Radio Kit offers a great platform for both enclosure design and also for soldering practice. It comes with almost everything you need to build a fully functional and usable FM radio. The list below details the parts needed and also a few optional extras.

FM Radio Kit and Optional Extras:

  The photograph below gives you a better angle of the completed kit within the enclosure. You can see that the kit pieces have been mounted directly to the acrylic and also that the controls have been mounted through it. FM Radio Kit Enclosure By Allan Sharman side view   Want to know more about the kit? Then check out the free Teaching Resources PDF here. Want to know more about working with materials? Then check out these free guides.

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i just made this at my school and its awesome!!!

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