Gallery FM Radios - Hawkley Hall High School
This page shows some of the FM radios made by the year 11 Resistant Materials group at the Hawkley Hall High School. Various construction methods have been used to make the radios including using laser cutters & CNC machines. fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_01The elephant has a switch for its tail to turn the battery off. The tuning and volume switches are its tusks. fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_02 The car with a radio produced the best sound reproduction out of all the designs in the class. fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_03 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_04 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_05 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_06 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_07 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_08 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_09 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_11 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_10 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_12 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_13 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_14 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_15 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_16 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_17 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_18 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_19 fm_radio_hawkley_high_school_20  

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