The Carlton Academy Year 11 Amplifier Designs
These excellent examples of amplifier kit enclosers were sent in by Dale Mears from The Carlton Academy in Nottingham. They were designed and made by year 11 students. year 11 students amplifier designs Two different amplifier kits were used by the students, our LiPo powered Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier kit and our Mono Amplifier. Also, a variety of design materials were used, including paper-backed flexible veneers.  

Year 11 Students Amplifier Designs From The Carlton Academy:

Above all, each of the Students designs pictured below display good mix of skill and imagination. Furthermore, the only common thread is that they are all built to house an amplifier kit, aside from that they are all unique. This was definitely a good year! Year 11 Students Ben T   Year 11 Students Demi C   Year 11 Students Soni D   Year 11 Students May Louise   Year 11 Students Lehai

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