Gallery USB Fan - Marlborough House School
These desk top fans were made by year 6 students at the Marlborough House School. They have been made using a low current and silent solar motor with an impeller blade on it. They are powered by a USB port. usb_fans_marlborough_house_school_01usb_fans_marlborough_house_school_02 usb_fans_marlborough_house_school_03 usb_fans_marlborough_house_school_04 The students were given a pre-made fan mounting bracket (made by drilling out a recess in 6mm PVC sheet and glued motor in). usb_fans_marlborough_house_school_05 To make this fan you will need:
  • USB power lead
  • A low inertia solar motor (normal motors take too much current so shouldn't be used)
  • An impeller or fan  blade

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