Interactive microbit Handbag By Georgia McKenna featured image
This incredibly stylish interactive microbit handbag was designed and made by Georgia McKenna. Georgia, a former Fashion Design student at NTU, combined several making disciplines to bring her design to life. She also kindly sent us some photographs for us to share with you. interactive microbit bag main image Kitronik's Kevin Spurr and Ben Gray recently attended a series of NTUMakersClub workshops were they ran microbit sessions. They also provided support to the students with advice on their coursework prototypes.  

Some Of The Items And Equipment Used:


Interactive microbit Handbag By Georgia McKenna:

georgia-mckenna-ntu-fashion-design-microbit-interactive-bag-table-1000 This project serves to demonstrate how different disciplines can come together in a single design. Also, I suspect that woodturning lathes are rarely used to create wearables. The design also featured electronics, textiles and a microbit.  

Making the Interactive microbit Handbag:

The pictures and video below give a glimpse into some of the inner workings of the handbag. They also give you an idea of how it was constructed and put together. georgia-mckenna-ntu-fashion-design-microbit-interactive-bag-proto1-1000   georgia-mckenna-ntu-fashion-design-microbit-interactive-bag-proto2-1000   georgia-mckenna-ntu-fashion-design-microbit-interactive-bag-proto3-1000  

The Finished Interactive microbit Handbag:

The pictures below certainly demonstrate how good the handbag looks as part of an ensemble. Amazing! georgia-mckenna-ntu-fashion-design-microbit-interactive-bag-park2-1000   georgia-mckenna-ntu-fashion-design-microbit-interactive-bag-park4-1000   georgia-mckenna-ntu-fashion-design-microbit-interactive-bag-park3-1000  
  We would like to thank Georgia for allowing us to share her work with you. We would also like to wish her all the best for the future. If this is any indication, it looks to be a bright one.

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