About our Project Kits

The Teaching Notes


When you request a sample or order some of our kits, these are supplied with teaching material. You will get an A5 booklet containing the essentials to get you started, and the teaching notes for all of our project kits can be found at kitronik.co.uk/teach allowing you to print off A4 size student handouts. The notes are typically 24 pages in length and covers activities from the design brief to evaluation. There are work sheets on manufacturing an enclosure, the build instructions for the project, information on debugging the project kit, as well as how it works. All in all the notes contain a wealth of information that you can pick and choose from to help make your lesson planning easier.


The PCBs


Our PCBs use an industry standard FR4 quality board, manufactured using a lead free finish. We try to make the PCBs easy to manufacture by providing component identification and ensuring that the components are well spread out. On the underside of the board the pads are large for ease of soldering and again where possible well spaced from adjacent pads. A solder resist layer is present to ensure that the solder only goes on the pads, thus preventing unintentional solder shorts between tracks

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