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Questions on Electronic Project Kits

Squeezy torch

Selecting a night light kit

Selecting a steady hand game

Selecting an MP3 amplifier kit

A comparison of our amplifier kits

Using the solar garden light as a 'sun jar' project

What the shower timer water saver kit does

The memory & reactions game in action

Using the coin cell power board with LEDs & motors

Making a travel game with the electronic dice

Questions on E-Textiles & Electro Fashion

E-Textiles and Wearables Tutorials & Resources.

Questions on Electronics Theory & components

Using thyristors

Inverting signals

Understanding resistor colour bands

Understanding transistors

Questions on interfacing to Microcontrollers

Adding a PIR and keypad to make an alarm

Using an ultra-sound range finder module

Questions on other products and services

Using LED strips

Which switches can I use as an on/ off switch

433MHz transmit receive ICs

How to use a force sensor

An overview about component kits


Rob Haywood

Rob Haywood

Hi Mark, We have discount pricing available on many of our products when buying in quantities. These are clearly shown on the product pages. Because of these existing discounts we are not able to offer further discounts beyond this to specific groups. Rob



Hi Are you able to offer any type of discount to Scout groups on the project components shown in your website? Thank you

Rob Haywood

Rob Haywood

Hi Domenic, All of our kits are manufactured here in the U.K. by us. Additionally, all of our wood is FSC certified. Rob

Domenic Peake

Domenic Peake

Hello, Are your products ethically sourced (i.e. are the workers producing the products/materials treated fairly?) Where are your products produced? Thanks, Domenic

Rob Haywood

Rob Haywood

Hi Jana, As of today (19th June) we do indeed ship to the US via UPS. Rob

Jana Sebestik

Jana Sebestik

Hello, Your products look very interesting. Do you ship to the U S?

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