Boat Race

This boat is designed to automatically stop at the end of a race and is perfect for systems and control

This fun idea was developed by the Fernwood School. They have designed miniature race boats that automatically stop at the end of the race track. boat_race The boats are powered by a low cost motor unit and impeller. The motor is controlled by a light activated switch board. When the boat enters the dark section at the end of the race track the board turns off power to the motor and stops the boat. The simple operation of the light activated switch board is easy to understand and can help you meet the systems and control element of the syllabus.


A race track would be simple to construct (see the bottom picture). A section of low cost guttering, available at any DIY store would be perfect for the task. You could even have a removable section that covers the boats at the start line, which can then be quickly removed to start the race. The electronic parts required to build a simple boat like this are listed below. boat_race_3 Click here for details on the light activated switch board Learn more about the author

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