Day 4 - Copper Tape LED Christmas Tree
We return to the Christmas tree theme with another fun festive making activity, learn how to make our laser cut LED Christmas tree with copper tape circuit for day four of our 12 Makes of Christmas. laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-main-1000 Although we've used a laser cutter to cut our parts from a perspex sheet, you can cut out your parts using a saw and still follow our step by step instructions for creating the circuit. We've included our design files as a free download that you can find in the 'You Will Need' section below. Let's get making!  

You Will Need:


Copper Tape LED Christmas Tree:

laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-render-1000 The above render shows how the completed parts slot together to form the finished tree. Although getting the tape cut correctly might prove a little tricky, once the circuit has been made the rest is plain sleighing...  

Step 1:

laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-cicuit-leds-1000 Chose your preferred colour of LED. If using RGB LEDs, use the battery to identify which pins you will need to use. Use some clippers to remove the extra pins.  

Step 2:

laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-leds-cutting-1000 Using a pair of scissors, cut the copper tape into strips with the cut-outs as shown.  

Step 3:

laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-tape1-1000 Take the first half of the tree with the cut out for the battery and insert the LEDs in place. Place the tape over the battery hole on the same side as the positive pins of the LEDs. laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-tape2-1000 Fold the pins down 90° and cover with the tape and press down firmly around them. Feed the tape through the slot in the tree as shown and stick down on the opposite side. laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-tape3-1000 Using a ruler may help pass the tape through the slot.  

Step 4:

laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-battery-1000 Place the battery face down in the hole and cover both the battery and remaining pins with tape. Make sure there is a small gap between the two pieces of tape.  

Step 5:

laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-battery-leds-1000 Place two of the LEDs in the other half of the tree as shown and fold the pins 90° upwards. laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-part1-1000 On the same side as the negative pins, press the tape over as shown and fold around the slot in the tree. laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-part2-1000 Before pressing down at the top, place the last LED in place with the negative pin on the same side. Push the pin as far to one side as possible for clearance of the other part of the tree. laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-part3-1000 Press the tape over the pin. laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-part4-1000  

Step 6:

laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-part5-1000 Place the last piece of tape over the LEDs on the opposite side and press firmly around the pins.  

Step 7:

laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-part6-1000 Use scissors or a sharp knife to cut the remaining tape from the edges. Ask an adult for help if required. laser-cut-perspex-led-christmas-tape-copper-tape-circuit-part7-1000 Finally, slot the tree together and watch the LEDs light up as the circuit is closed.   This concludes the forth of our 12 Makes of Christmas, we'll be back tomorrow with another festive making activity. You can check out the other Makes of Christmas, here.

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