Design And Technology Catalogue 2020-2021

With the return to school, we hope that everyone is as safe as can be in these challenging times. Here at Kitronik HQ, we've tried to maintain a 'business as usual' level of service. So we are very pleased to be able to bring you the new Design And Technology Catalogue 2020-2021.

It's now out and should be landing in your school in the very near future. We've also uploaded a digital version that you can access while you wait for your hard copy. Details below.

Design And Technology Catalogue 2020-2021:

It's here, it's on time and it's also full of new products and free resources! We've got new kits, new materials, new products bundled with detailed teaching resources, and we've reimagined some of our popular microbit accessories and made them smaller! 

We also speak to schools regularly to find out what they need that we don't have. A key request is that we source materials in a wider variety of sizes. We listen and then we act. Just the other day we added another 14 size options for our veneered MDFs. You can find these and more inside the new Catalogue.

Download The PDF:

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