DIY Precision Tools Project

Note: The SVG no longer appears to be available. 

Our good friends Martin Raynsford has created a great resource detailing how you can make your own low-cost precision tools.

These projects show how you can make cost effect precision tools with some plywood and access to a laser cutter. Hackspaces and Makerspaces are good places to get access to laser cutters, you can find a list of such places here. Although Just Add Sharks are no longer trading, this project has been rehomed and the SVG file is now available from there. All links in this blog have now been updated to reflect this.   


DIY Precision Tools Project:

"We've been designing up a storm here at Sharks HQ and we have two pretty awesome projects to share with you today. We've also included links to the laser cutter files we used so that you can easily create your own."

DIY Precision Tools Project -870

"First up we have these amazing fully functional vernier calipers. These were cut out of 1.5mm birch plywood and then glued together. They make a good alternative to a set of Electronic Digital Calipers."

DIY Precision Tools Project -radius-assembled-870

"Next up we have this set of Radius Guides. These were also cut out of 1.5mm birch plywood and then attached to a key ring to keep them all together."

DIY Precision Tools Project -radius-870


Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi Andrew, The files are now available again and I have updated the links accordingly. Sorry again for the inconvenience and the wait.

Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi Andrew, sorry about that! The company that had the files is no longer trading. I've removed all of the links that point to empty places and I am just about to remove the entry for this blog in our auto poster. If we manage to get our hands on the files then I will update this blog accordingly. Sorry for the letdown and inconvenience.

Andrew McDonald

Andrew McDonald

Looks like the source page is not longer valid. I was excited to test these one for our student workshops. Thanks

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