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Kitronik has introduced a new range of Laser Engraving Laminate Sheets! We've got a great range of colours that will create a decorative effect for all different purposes. We'll be sharing some examples with you here...

These Laser Engraving Laminate Sheets come in 6 contrasting colours: Black on White, White on Black, Yellow on Black, Gold on Black, Red on White and Blue on White. With a wide variety to choose from, these Laminates are definitely worth a try!


What are Laser Engraving Laminates?

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These Laser Engraving Laminate Sheets have a solid base material with a thin laminate layer of contrasting colour on the surface. They cut and engrave well on a laser cutter and when engraved, the top layer gives way to the contrasting colour underneath for a decorative effect.  

What are the main features of Laser Laminates?

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  • 1.5mm x 600mm x 400mm sheet sizes
  • Very low light transmission
  • Easily laser cut, drilled and thermoformed

What can Laser Laminates be used for?

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There are a wide variety of uses for Kitronik's Laser Engraving Laminate Sheets as they are a versatile material. Whilst we have suggested just a few below, this is not an exhaustive list so if you have other ideas for these Laser Laminates, don't be disheartened! Here is just a few uses that we have come up with:

    • Point of sale
    • Model making
    • Signs
    • Casings
    • Plaques
    • Identification plates etc

Working with Acrylic

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If you're new to working with Acrylics or want to find out more information on how best to work with Acrylics, you can find out more information in our Resource Section here.  

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