Fluffy Circuits, a Sound Responsive Device by Pippa Doyle
Circuits don't have to be hard, cold and made entirely of metal and plastic - they can be soft, cute, colourful, creative and even fluffy but still very useful indeed! We love these light-up sound responsive devices by Pippa Doyle from the Secondary Design and Technology course at the School of Education, Nottingham Trent University (NTU).


Pippa used the Kitronik Sound Meter Kit as the basis for her designs which include wearable circuits, decorative wall hangings and up-cycled shopping bags. Pippa produced the wearable Sound Activated Device to address our desire to constantly check our phones when we're waiting for an important call. With a bright wearable LED alert when the phone rings we can pop our phones in our pockets where they belong without fear of ever missing an alert in a noisy place.


Pippa has modified the microphone connector by adding a headphone jack to the Sound Meter Kit so it can plug directly into a smart phone and because Pippa used press stud poppers as conductive outputs instead of the normal on board LEDs she can connect her Sound Responsive device to wearable LEDs or a wall hanging or a clutch bag or... wearable LED beads!




Pippa also used up-cycled shopping bags, wearable LEDs and conductive thread also from Kitronik to make these fantastic super-ecological wearable LED bead accessories, which are incidentally compatible with her Sound Responsive device.


Pippa wrote instructions for both her Sound Responsive Device and her LED Beads at instructables.com. Instructables.com is a great place to explore, document and share your projects just like Pippa did. We're always looking out on there for anything that uses Kitronik gear or anything which is cool, different or exciting. Photography by Pippa Doyle.

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