IET Scout Night Light - Project 5

The IET has produced some resources for the Scout electronics badge. These are split into an activity pack containing sheets for Scouts and a leader pack with some additional guidance for leaders. Both packs are available for free download from the Scout website. One of the projects covered in this pack and described in the June / July 2013 "Get active" magazine that accompanies the Scouting magazine is the night light in a milk container project. This is project 5, starting on page 26 of the of the Scout Leaders' pack. If you would like to find out more about these resources and activities, click here. We recommend doing this activity indoors as the paint can take far too long to dry on a cold damp campsite.

To make ordering the items easier, we have put them all on this page. Please note that we no longer stock LDR, stock code 2514-01. Furthermore, you can purchase Bare Conductive paint directly from their website, here. Some items listed on our website are in different pack sizes so please be careful to order the right number of packs. You will need one each of the following electronic parts to build one night light:


Project shopping list

For this project you will need the following items, you can adjust the quantities (including setting them to zero if you don't need the item), before pressing the "Buy all items" button.

White 5mm Water Clear LED - 15deg - 5000mCd
BC547 NPN Transistor
Resistor, pack of 100
PP3 Battery Clip Lead (Standard), pack of 25
Zinc Chloride PP3 Battery

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