5 Reasons Why Kitronik ARCADE Is Fun And Educational

Kitronik ARCADE has proven incredibly popular since launching back in October, but, there's one question we've been asked a lot. Is it educational? The answer...YES!

ARCADE is an ergonomically designed, programmable gamepad for use with MakeCode Arcade. Featuring a full-colour LCD screen, programmable buttons, vibration motor for haptic feedback, buzzer, and an extensive choice of games for you to code and play!  


What is MakeCode Arcade?

Microsoft MakeCode Arcade is a web-based beginner-friendly code editor that enables you to create retro arcade games! Whether you are a coding beginner or an expert, this website gives you the option to code using a block editor or using JavaScript. This is all free and available at your fingertips.

MakeCode is accessible for all and makes learning to code a fun, engaging and personalised experience. With a wealth of resources to help beginners learn to code, Kitronik's ARCADE is a great hardware device to get started on! Homepage for MakeCode Arcade  

1 - Tutorials on MakeCode Arcade

Haven't coded before? No problem. Go from novice to natural with MakeCode tutorials! Follow clear and simple instructions and learn how to code different games in no time! With colour-coded blocks, it is accessible to even the youngest of learners. Plus, personalise games with your favourite coloured background or design your own sprites too.

It's a fun way to engage your children and get them active in coding, designing and making. Additionally, it promotes individual learning as children can follow these simple instructions alone with minimal support! Once completed a step in your tutorial, why not see if it works? There is a Game Simulator which allows you to test the game out before you download it onto our ARCADE.

It's proven to be a great addition in the classroom! If something doesn't seem to work quite right, don't panic! There is a puzzle symbol that will give you a demonstration or display of how it should be done so that you can learn from your mistakes.  

2 - Lessons on MakeCode Arcade

Want a bit more detail? Why not have a go at a Lesson with MakeCode Arcade. A structured guide that talks you through learning objectives, lesson sections, detailed instructions and visual materials to support your learning.

It's ideal for classroom environments where teachers can give more information and support on how the coding process works, rather than physically coding a game in the block editor. Containing a similar format to tutorials on MakeCode Arcade, an easy-to-follow colour coding system makes it easy to follow the information on the screen.

There are also opportunities to edit the code so that you can personalise the game or see the comparison between block coding and Javascript.  

3 - CS Courses on MakeCode Arcade

Courses are an in-depth way to learn a whole lot about coding and more! With lots of videos, information, teaching materials, subject-related study and more, CS Courses on MakeCode Arcade offer a free platform full of opportunity for learning.

Want to progress on from block editing and use Javascript? There's something for you too! Get lots of information and examples to guide your learning process, print off the resources and keep them for future use or have a go at recreating the code shown to see your improvement!  

4 - Community Games on MakeCode Arcade

Interact with fellow gamers and learn from their work with the 'Community games' section on MakeCode Arcade! Chat on a forum about their game or open it up in the editor to see how they coded it. Want to personalise the game? No problem. The games can be edited using simple block coding or Javascript for any games on the website.

Don't see any games that you fancy? Make your own game and share it with the world - or keep it to yourself! Making your own game is super simple and provides a great opportunity to really test out your coding skills! Create the storyline, invent the sprites, code your game and game on! Use either block editing or Javascript and test your game in the Game Simulator to see if you're on the right track.

After, share your masterpiece with the world and encourage collaborative learning amongst fellow gamers just like you. The MakeCode Arcade platform is for all to share, no matter how much skill or experience you have.  

5 - Graphics and Math on MakeCode Arcade

Go through several tutorials that explore Graphics and Maths in a fun and visually effective way. From finding prime numbers using the Sieve of Eratosthenes method to sorting algorithms! Combine this with coding for the games and you have a wealth of information that you can take advantage of for free!   MakeCode Arcade has been designed to allow everyone, from beginners to experienced game enthusiasts, to create retro arcade games to run in the browser or on handheld consoles. There really is a wealth of resources that you definitely take advantage of! Take a look.     Like our content? Make sure you sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out on new products and information! Click here to sign up.  

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