Kitronik & Hands-On Science At The SETT Show
On Monday and Tuesday of this week Kevin and Tim travelled to the beautiful city of Oslo in Norway to attend the SETT show. We were there to support our good friends Hands-On Science from Sweden as they exhibited the BBC micro:bit on their large and varied stand.

microbit SETT Show -Oslo-Norway-2-870

We were pleasantly surprised by the awareness and level of knowledge of the microbit amongst the attendees, it seems that in a short space of time it has already become very popular outside of the UK.

microbit SETT-Oslo-Norway-3-870

The SETT Show In Oslo:

The SETT show is very similar to our BETT show and is very education focused. The show is held over two days and attracts a wide range of visitors, many of whom are educators and the content includes; seminars, workshops, stand exhibits and lectures.

microbit SETT-Oslo-Norway-8-870


Hands-On Science:

Hands-On Science, from Sweden, are all about practical educational material for active learning and they specialise in products for mathematics, science and engineering. The company was established in 1995 and is owned by Agneta and Bengt Nilsson, Agneta is a Biologist and Bengt an Electrical Engineer. Hands-On Science have recently added the BBC microbit to their range of stocked products and the early indications are that it is set to become a firm favourite across Scandinavia.

microbit SETT-Oslo-Norway-1-870

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Norway and we would like to thank Hands-On Science for inviting us, our only regret was that we weren't there longer, as we barely got to scratch the surface of what Oslo has to offer.  
microbit SETT-Oslo-Norway-4-200 microbit SETT-Oslo-Norway-9-200 SETT-Oslo-Norway-10-200 SETT-Oslo-Norway-11-200
SETT-Oslo-Norway-12-200 SETT-Oslo-Norway-13-200 SETT-Oslo-Norway-14-200 SETT-Oslo-Norway-15-200

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