Laser Cut Santa Stop Here Edge Lit Sign value cheap acrylic sheets - Christmas 2021 1

Christmas is now just around the corner but there's still plenty of time for making. Emma's been back on the laser cutter to produce something for you to have a go at. All you'll need is some acrylic and a Kitronik USB RGB LED strip.and you're good to go.

In this project we’re making a very simple edge lit sign that would look at home among your existing Christmas decorations. Grab the DXFs and let’s get started!

We Used:

The Base:

Step 1:

Download our DXF, which contains the design and the Base which fits the new RGB USB LED Strip.

Step 2:

Cut out the Base from your choice of Acrylic. We have used Orange Fizz Sweet Pastels Perspex® but you can use any colour you want. Use the screws, and encase the RGB LED Strip in the base.


The Laser Cut Edge-Lit Sign:

Laser Cut Santa Stop Here Edge Lit Sign - Christmas 2021 2


Step 1:

Grab the DXF and either load it straight into your laser cutter software. or If you want to personalise it, you can load the design into your CAD program of choice and tweak it to taste (pictured above is LibreCAD).


Step 2:
Laser Cut Santa Stop Here Edge Lit Sign - Christmas 2021 3

Following the guide above, pop some 5mm clear acrylic (we used our Value cheap acrylic sheets) on your laser cutter and cut as shown. There are three different types of cut in the design; cut all of the way through, engraving and kiss cut.


Step 3:
Laser Cut Santa Stop Here Edge Lit Sign - Christmas 2021 4

Introduce the base to the edge-lit sign, plug the strip into a suitable power source and you're done. You should now have something that resembles the sign above, mince pies not included. 

If you have a go at making one of these signs, or one that is inspired by it, we would love to see it. Please share them via social media and tag us so we can share it with everyone.


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