Laser Cut Sign for our New USB RGB LED Strip main

With the release of a new LED strip, Emma has created a new casing to allow you to make edge-lit designs for it! This blog will cover the base itself, then the Retrowave-style edge lit design.


USB RGB LED Strip Casing

You Will Need:

How to: 

STEP 1: Open the DXF and cut on the laser. Do the perimeter of each panel last to make sure no shifting happens before the smaller holes can be cut. 

Laser Cut Sign for our New USB RGB LED Strip 1

STEP 2: You will have four panels (one is split in half). To assemble, stack them in number order, lining up the holes. Place the USB RGB LED Strip between the two halves of panel 2, and secure it in place with panel three. Make sure the curved sides of panels 3 and 4 are on the same side as the button on the PCB. Once everything is stacked together, screw it all in place from the bottom using four 12mm M3 Pan Head Screws.

STEP 3: Plug it in and you’re done!

Laser Cut Sign for our New USB RGB LED Strip 2


Edge-Lit Retrowave Palm Tree

You Will Need:

engraving pdf image

How to:

STEP 1: Download the PDF and load it up in your CAD software.

STEP 2: As per the diagram, you should engrave, use shallow cuts (kiss-cut) and fully cut the acrylic where shown. Make sure to cut the outside out last in order to avoid the project shifting

STEP 3: Slot it in to the casing you made earlier, and you’re ready to glow!



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