Make Custom Whiteboard and Blackboard With Special Finish Acrylic Sheets

Keeping a note of your tasks or jotting down items you need to buy is always much easier with a memo board nearby. So why not make one yourself? Emma made a couple of simple memo board layouts for you to use or alter, so you can organise things your way!

Grab the DXF below, and follow along with Emma's instructions.

We Have Used:

How We Made Them:

This is a wonderfully easy make! All you need to do is laser cut the DXF provided on your choice of acrylic, ensuring that the side you engrave on is the front - shiny side for the whiteboard, matt side for the black.


Optionally, you can flood the engraved design with paint as shown here to increase the contrast of the design and make it more visible.


And you're done!



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