Top 5 Makey Makey Projects - Plus Bonus Valentines Make
Do you have a Makey Makey kit and wonder what you can do with it? Or, maybe you've been thinking about getting one and you're also wondering what you might do besides playing the bananas? The team at Makey Makey have been hard at work over the last year creating a wealth of inspiring content. We caught up with the team at BETT 2020 and they showed us what they've been up to and we're keen to share some project ideas with you. We've cherry-picked a few that highlight how broad the possibilities are. Top 5 Makey Makey Projects - Plus Bonus Valentines Make hero image Makey Makey is a fun and interactive technology designed to inspire youngsters to be creative with technology. You can connect the world to your computer, then use it as a keyboard/controller. Invent your own interface, using everyday objects, then use your handmade creation to play games, make music and much more! Artists, Kids, Educators, Engineers, Designers, Inventors, Makers... Really it is for everyone. Despite the 'best of' (clickbait) title, this is just a small cross-section of the available resources. These projects showcase a suitable activity for almost every age and ability level and we also threw in a seasonal one for good measure! So, rescue your kit from the Kitchen drawer and let's have some fun!  

What Will You Need?

  • Makey Makey Kit.
  • A computer.
  • Everyday objects, as listed in the individual resources.
  • Creativity!

Makey Makey Paper Circuit Valentine Template:

Top 5 Makey Makey Projects - Plus Bonus Valentines Make gif

Surprise a lucky someone this Valentine's day with an interactive card. Learn how to make a Valentine's paper circuit and also test conductive materials! Download this template, print it, and then gather supplies. You'll need conductive tape and also an LED for this project.

 This make is quite a simple one but we still recommend close supervision for younger children.


Lighting an LED With Makey Makey:

Top 5 Makey Makey Projects - Plus Bonus Valentines Make switch

In this quick and easy micro guide, you'll learn how to use LEDs with Makey Makey. You'll also learn how to get creative with switches and how to use the "KEY OUT" pin on Makey Makey.

      • Play-doh.
      • Aluminium Foil.
      • An LED.
      • Wire - Optional.


Ultimate Stomping Pad for Makey Makey:

Top 5 Makey Makey Projects - Plus Bonus Valentines Make stomp

Learn how to create an oversized weight-sensitive pad for one-button games and scratch projects. Make two stomp pads to practice your jumping jacks or make four for the ultimate DDR dance mat! For the older children, it might also make a handy Fortnite rage quit stomp button, for when it doesn't quite go to plan.


3 Ways to Build a Floor Piano:

Top 5 Makey Makey Projects - Plus Bonus Valentines Make piano

Choose your own piano adventure. Learn to build a quick floor piano, an oversized portable piano, or even add flat/sharp notes for a fully functional full scale! You may be the greatest living floor pianist, but how will you ever know if you don’t make yourself a floor piano?

      • Aluminium Foil..
      • Large cardboard or yoga mat.
      • Duct Tape.
      • Wire and also Aligator clips that come with Makey Makey.


Gigantic Playable Makey Makey:

Top 5 Makey Makey Projects - Plus Bonus Valentines Make giant

Learn how to make a giant, and functional, Makey Makey. Not only is it fun to make, it will also make a great aid for teaching children about microcontrollers. If you work at a school or have your own poster printer, print this pdf and then mount it on a foam core. If you need to get one printed, have the printers mount it onto a foam core.

      • Printed and mounted giant Makey Makey.
      • Aluminium foil, Cardboard, masking tape, copper brads.
      • Scissors, Wire strippers, knife and wire.



Distance Rate and Time for Maths/Science/Physics:

Top 5 Makey Makey Projects - Plus Bonus Valentines Make science

Explore how acceleration changes from a downward drop, to a flat surface, to an uphill ramp. With Makey Makey and Scratch, you can measure the change in rate over your desired distance and then catch the correct time as your toy car drives over simple DIY switches.

      • Hotwheels Track, Toy Cars, and also Magnetic weights to add to cars.
      • DIY Switches - foil, copper tape, paper clips, coffee stirs, straws, legos, Telephone wire or hookup wire.


Useful Links:

  We hope that we've highlighted what fun Makey Makey can be in almost anyone's hands. There are so many detailed guides available that you would be hard-pressed to run out of interesting things to make and then learn with.  

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