Making Custom Rubber Stamps With Green ECO Laser Compatible Rubber

For those times when only a rubber stamp will do... Emma to the rescue. Make your own custom rubber stamps with ECO laser rubber and Bamboo and you can stamp things in an environmentally friendly way. These stamps can be made with standard laser rubber, the outcome will be just as good but the moral authority of your stamping will be a little lower.

There are very few items and steps for this one, a quick and easy project that can be done in no time. Let's go!

We Used:

Making Custom Rubber Stamps:

Grab the DXF file and either take it straight to your laser software or drop t into your favourite CAD program. We would guess that for this one, most will want to do some tweaking (shown here in LibreCAD).


Step 1: Laser Cutting:

Looking at the above key, cut out your stamps and stamp handles. Each Stamp has Seven parts on the document, with the top of the stamp being engraved with the stamp contents. All but the green part will be cut from bamboo (or any 5mm material of your choice). The pieces indicated in green will be the rubber stamps themselves, and engraved deeply then cut out close to the border of the design.


Step 2 - Assembly:

Glue it all together! Since ours is a bamboo stamp handle, we used PVA between the layers and attached the rubber itself with superglue for security. They are now ready for a test drive!


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