Materials Tech Talk - Joinings, Fixings & Adhesives - Thurs 9th of February at 10:30AM GMT

Kitronik and Smoke & Mirrors are back with the first materials themed tech talk of 2023. Join (sorry...) Emma and Dominic as they explore different ways of joining materials together. Tune in to YouTube on Thurs 9th of February at 10:30AM GMT to watch it all go down live.

We will also be answering questions, so be sure to ask anything that you want to know and we will do our best to answer them live on the day.

The Time, The Place;

  • The Time: Thurs 9th of February at 10:30AM GMT.
  • The Place: YouTube Live.
  • The Subject: Joinings, Fixings & Adhesives.


Joinings, Fixings & Adhesives:

If you are designing something, how things fix together is a key part of the design. There are lots of ways in which you might join a thing to another thing. You could use screws, captive screws, clip together designs, external clips, adhesives, and the list goes on and on.

Click the button below to be transported to a few fixing products to check out. On the day the discussion will range much further than this, this is just a warm up.


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