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Kitronik and Smoke & Mirrors are back with another materials themed tech talk. Join Emma and Dominic as they explore some April themed makes. They'll discuss all aspects of the makes including how to make them and the materials used. Tune in to YouTube on Thurs 6th of April at 10:30AM BST to watch it all go down live.

We will also be answering questions, so be sure to ask anything that you want to know and we will do our best to answer them live on the day.

The Time, The Place;

  • The Time: Thurs 6th of April at 10:30AM BST.
  • The Place: YouTube Live Replay.
  • The Subject: Weird Makes.


Weird April Makes:

Materials Tech Talk - Weird April Makes

We love making things, we especially love making themed and seasonal projects as having something specific to consider can often help to level up creativity. Obviously April the 1st has been and gone but there are other times that odd makes are appropriate and having things in the bag for next year is a nice bonus too!?

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