micro:bit Educational Foundation Launch
Yesterday saw the launch of the micro:bit Educational Foundation, the new non-profit organisation tasked with driving the next stages of the BBC micro:bit development and rolling out the micro:bit to Europe and beyond. microbit-education-foundation-main -870 The micro:bit Educational Foundation will build on the great work carried out by the micro:bit partnership which saw the distribution of micro:bits to almost a million school children, the launch of a website with built in coding platforms that has been accessed over 13 million times and the production of hundreds of learning resources for children and teachers.  

micro:bit Educational Foundation Launch:

The announcement was made yesterday to a small group of journalists and educators, Kitronik were also present, and the presentation laid out the work done so far and the role of the Foundation and the future that they will create for the BBC micro:bit.
"On behalf of everyone involved with the BBC micro:bit, I am happy to announce the Micro:bit Educational Foundation, which aims to enable children around the world to become inventors!" Zach Shelby, CEO.

microbit-education-foundation-kevin-gigabit-870Kitronik Director Kevin Spurr at the micro:bit Educational Foundation launch.

Links To More Information:

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  • Visit the new home of the BBC micro:bit here.


Mark Donnison

Mark Donnison

Hi Owen, I'm not sure if there is one yet that is available to the public. The nearest thing I can find is the press release that is probably too general for your needs: http://microbit.org/news/2016/10/18/news-microbit-foundation.html

Owen Brotherwood

Owen Brotherwood

I am currently trying to find the “charter” for the foundation: aims and means

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