microbit Goes To Rural India With Timeless Lifeskills
In the spirit of the original mission statement, the microbit goes to rural India for a series of workshops. The workshops were run by Timeless Lifeskills and delivered to children who would not have got the opportunity otherwise. microbit Goes To Rural India clubs The workshops cover a variety of microbit related activities, including coding and robotics. Timeless Lifeskills also conduct workshops, in both India and the UK, that cover all aspects of STEM.  

Timeless Life Skills:

timeless-lifeskills-microbit-workshops-rural-india-1000 Established in 2013, Timeless Lifeskills have been working with under-served children to broaden their educational horizons. A London based Educational Charity, they work directly with Children in India and the UK. Timeless Lifeskills actively engage with over 20 rural schools in India where they conduct face to face workshops. They also set up clubs and carry out remote mentoring. Also, workshops and life skills clubs span all STEM disciplines. As a result, they aim to inspire the children to learn the skills required by the modern world and their own surroundings. The children wouldn't ordinarily have the resources required to explore these topics fully.  

microbit Goes To Rural India:

The gallery below shows children learning key STEM skills that will stand them in good stead as they progress through their education.
  In conclusion, you can learn more about Timeless Lifeskills here.

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