New Product Update: Soldering Irons, Stands and Accessories
It's 'back to school' and this week we have a great range of new soldering tools and accessories: 60W Digital Soldering Station, a 25W Economy Soldering Iron (Mains Powered), an Economy Soldering Iron Stand, solder extractor, leaded solder and a Multicore, No-clean, Quality Solder Mop. READ MORE for more information!


This is a digitally controlled soldering station, which allows for accurate control of the soldering temperature. It comes supplied with a soldering iron, stand and sponge. Three programmable pre-set temperature buttons allow for speedy interchangeable settings whilst an LCD display lets you monitor the temperature in both Centigrade and Farenheit.


  • Three programmable pre-set temperature buttons.
  • Precise temperature control and computerised temperature calibration.
  • Antistatic safety.
  • LCD display.
  • Two-core heating element.
  • C / F temperature.

Economy Soldering Iron (Mains Powered) 25W

new_product_soldering_accesories_560_01 This mains powered Economy Soldering Iron is perfect for occasional light use. Rated at 25W, it is supplied with a pointed tip and a 13A UK mains plug.

Economy Soldering Iron Stand

new_product_soldering_accesories_560_02 This Economy Soldering Iron Stand has a hollow base so that only the sides are in contact with the work surface and includes a sponge for cleaning your soldering iron tip.

Economy Solder Extractor

new_product_soldering_accesories_560_05 This solder extractor allows incorrect solder joints to be removed. Molten solder is sucked into the extractor when the button is pressed. Made from plastic with a PTFE nozzle.

100g Solder, Lead / Tin

new_product_soldering_accesories_560_04 A 100g reel of leaded solder, ideal for smaller soldering projects. Leaded solder is easier to use than lead-free alternatives. This solder incorporates flux and has a melting temperature of 190C. 0.7mm diameter / 22swg.

Multicore No-clean, Quality Solder Mop, 1.5m

new_product_soldering_accesories_560_06 No-clean desoldering wick designed for static free desoldering and repair of PCB boards without the need for subsequent cleaning. Supplied on a handy 1.5m plastic spool.

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