5V LED Strip Board Edge-Lit Perspex Sign

In this resource, we show you how to make an edge-lit deer using our brand new 5V LED Strip Board! It features five ultra-bright LEDs, a micro USB connection for power, and a switch.

5V LED Strip Board Edge-Lit Perspex Sign lit up

The LED Strip is a board designed for low power lighting, such as desk lamps or accent lights. The board is designed such that it is within the of the supply rating of a computer USB port (under 100mA). This, and it's small physical footprint (50mm x 10mm), makes it ideal for this application.

Materials That We Used:


Simple 5V LED Strip Board Edge-Lit Perspex Sign: 

This is a fairly simple build which then results in a very effective outcome. Once the laser has done most of the work for us, all that is left is some straightforward assembly.

Step 1 - Preparation:

Download the DXF files here. Import the files into your laser cutter software.

Step 2 - The Laser Cutter:

5V LED Strip Board Edge-Lit Perspex Sign dxf file

Laser-cut the ‘BASE-PANELS.dxf’ out of your choice of 3mm Material, we used Midnight Black Perspex. Laser-cut the ‘EDGE-LIT-DEER Panel.dxf’ out of 5mm Clear Perspex. Set the Deer to engrave, and the outer rectangle to cut.  

Step 3 - Assemble The Base:

5V LED Strip Board Edge-Lit Perspex Sign assembly

Use the M3 x 6mm Machine Screw to attach the 5V Edge-Lit Strip Board to the base panel. Stack the remaining panels in the following order.  

Step 4 - Securing The Parts:

5V LED Strip Board Edge-Lit Perspex Sign securing

Push the 4 x M3 x 12mm Machine Screws through the stack from the bottom, and screw into place. The uppermost panels have slightly smaller holes to make a friction fit with the screw thread.  

Step 5 - The Big Switch On:

5V LED Strip Board Edge-Lit Perspex Sign lit up

Plug-in the USB connection, drop the engraved clear perspex onto the top, and then switch it on!  

Your Turn! 

Why not give it a go and make your own design! Simply import the ‘BLANK-TEMPLATE.dxf’ into your chosen CAD Software & then create your own design.  

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