Tech Talk - Lesson in a box with Caroline Keep - Tues 19th October @ 11:30AM BST

It's tech talk time, but not as you've known it! This time we have a special guest and we couldn't be more excited! Joining Kevin and Alasdair this time will be award winning Teacher Caroline Keep, and the tech talk topic will be Lesson in a box. We worked closely with Caroline to develop both the concept and the products so no one is better placed to discuss how these work in the classroom and how much of the Teachers time they free up. Join us on YouTube, Tues 19th October @ 11:30AM BST, and have your questions at the ready for Caroline & friends to answer live!

About Caroline: As well as being a prior winner of New Teacher of the year, Caroline is the co- founder of Liverpool Makefest, a festival to promote science, technology, engineering, art and maths and maker-education for young people. The festival is now in its fourth year and attracts over 5000 visitors annually. She is also the founder of the Society of School Makerspaces, a founder member of the Guild of Makers and co-founder of the MakerNoise unconference on creativity, learning and maker education. She has given numerous talks on maker education and written several papers on STEM and STEAM learning to promote creative and hands-on learning through physical computing, digital fabrication and coding.

The Time, The Place;

    • The Time: Tues 19th October @ 11:30AM BST.
    • The Place: Livestream playback.
    • The Subject: Kitronik Lesson In A Box.
    • Special Guest: Caroline Keep.
    • For: Live Q&A

Kitronik Lesson In A Box With Caroline Keep - Tues 19th October @ 11:30AM BST:

The lesson in a box concept was created so that a teacher who isn't a computing expert can deliver Ofsted quality lessons. We worked directly with teachers to ensure we delivered exactly what was needed by teachers. The kits and teaching resources were tried and tested by real pupils and developed with real teachers to save you time.



The lesson in a box kit includes all of the hardware and resources needed for planning and delivery of each lesson. The only additional equipment required are the micro:bits. There are 10 complete sets of kit for the pupils, with an additional kit for the teacher to demonstrate with. It is all packaged in a sturdy reusable Gratnells tray that will keep the kits together and safe in between uses. Join us on YouTube to find out more!

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