Tech Talk - Simple Servo Control Board - Thurs 10th February @ 10:30AM GMT

The team are back with another tech talk! This time we take a look at our new simple servo control board for BBC micro:bit. The board offers a clean and simple interface for controlling up to three servos with a BBC micro:bit. If you have any physical animation/animatronics projects in mind, this is the board for you.

Join Emma & Alasdair on YouTube, Thurs 10th February @ 10:30AM GMT, and have your questions answered live! We'll be running through the nuts and bolts of the board, and we'll also show you some of the cool things we've made with it too.


The Time, The Place;


Kitronik Simple Servo Control Board for BBC micro:bit:


The Simple Servo Control Board offers a simple interface between the BBC micro:bit and up to 3 servos. The board features an edge connector for the micro:bit to slot into and in addition to the servo pin header connections, there are also 6 croc-clippable pads for adding additional devices.

Kitronik has created custom blocks for the Simple Servo board for use with MakeCode. To add these blocks, first go to MakeCode. and start a new project. Under the “Advanced” section click on “Extensions”. In the next window search for “Simple Servo”. Once the icon appears, click on the icon to import it into MakeCode.



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