Valentines 2023 Inspiration Customising Our Laserables Collection

Valentines is a great time for custom gifts. Putting the effort into making something can really show someone how much they mean to you. In this blog, Emma provides you with some cool customisation ideas for our range of laserables that would make great Valentine’s Day gifts!


Engraved Wine Boxes:

Download the DXF Here (All blog DXF files)

Why not engrave a wine box with a custom design? We’ve provided the two you see here as DXF files for you to either use or adapt for your own design.


Painted Wine Boxes

Download the DXF Here (All blog DXF files)

You can paint on the wine boxes, which can either be a great alternative for those without laser cutter access, or as an enhancement to an engraved design as I have done. Acrylic works very well, demonstrated by the white background on the below design, and so does watercolour. Watercolour, as demonstrated by the hearts below, can be used to tint the wood.


Engraved Slate

Download the DXF Here (All blog DXF files)

Really take your dinner to the next level with customised placemats and drinks coasters, or design a slate sign for a decorative reminder of your love to gift to your valentine.


Painted Slate

Download the DXF Here (All blog DXF files)

Slate takes paint very well, though as it is a dark colour you will need to use thicker and more pigmented paint such as acrylic paints. Bright colours provide a beautiful contrast against the dark grey slate.

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