What Is Lesson In A Box And Who Is It For

Historically, whenever we develop a new kit, right at the top of our list of priorities are the Teaching resources that accompany it. We know that teachers do not have the time to invest in continually learning new products before deploying them in the classroom. With Kitronik Lesson in a Box, we took several large steps further forward in terms of minimising teacher workload. Our aim here is to demystify the concept and show you why they are perfect for your classroom.

The lesson in a box concept was created so that a teacher who isn't a computing expert can deliver Ofsted quality lessons. We worked directly with teachers to ensure we delivered exactly what was needed by teachers. The kits and teaching resources were tried and tested by real pupils and developed with real teachers to save you time.

You can download this guide as a PDF here.


The Lesson In A Box Concept: 

Alasdair explains the lesson in a box concept, why and how it was developed and gives a rundown of all of the included resources.


Currently Available In The Lesson In A Box Format:

Due to positive feedback from teachers in the field., we are currently actively working on expanding this list further.


What is Included In Lesson In A Box:

The lesson in a box kit includes all of the hardware and resources needed for planning and delivery of each lesson. The only additional equipment required are the micro:bits. There are 10 complete sets of kit for the pupils, with an additional kit for the teacher to demonstrate with. It is all packaged in a sturdy reusable Gratnells tray that will keep the kits together and safe in between uses.

All of the teaching resources are set out in a teacher, ‘user-friendly' way, including technicians notes, lesson plans, and workbooks or worksheets. These are supplied as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint formats as well as PDF’s, which can be copied, modified, and printed to suit your own teaching style. As all of the documents are unlocked, you are free to personalise them with school/department logos.

There is also a quick start guide to the Lesson in a Box kit that gives an overview of the whole box including a summary of your new lessons, how to set up your kit, how to use the micro:bit, code examples and more!

The lessons cover such subjects as; D and T, Computing, Physics/Combined Science, Geography, Enrichment's & Open Days. The resources contained on the included 2GB swivel USB flash drive include

    • Technicians Notes.
    • Lesson plans/ Schemes of work.
    • Slideshows.
    • Workbooks/sheets.
    • Assessment questions.
    • Example code.
    • Any applicable DXFs.
    • Resources for Enrichment days.


In Conclusion:

Kitronik Lesson in a Box has been developed with teachers for teachers, to be an all in one, fully prepared, reusable, and affordable teaching solution that can be used straight out of the box.

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