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About Our Robotics Range


Robotics With Kitronik:

When most people think of Robots they generally think of the entertainment industry varieties that can often be found causing chaos in the latest Hollywood blockbuster movies. If you are a maker, as well as the above you may also think of building your own less chaotic Robots to either perform a specific task or as something to have some fun with.

Designing and building your own Robots is not only fun and entertaining it also opens the door to a host of learning opportunities and, ultimately, to more exciting career options.

brightly coloured robot


Robotics is an ever growing industry and Robots can be found anywhere where there are repetitive tasks to perform, where speed and accuracy are vital or anywhere that it's hazardous or stressful to have Humans performing the work.

They can be found in factories, on space missions, carrying cargo in hazardous conditions, performing dangerous maintenance, in hospitals, in warehouses, disarming bombs, in mines, deep underwater and even surface mounting electronic components on PCBs here at Kitronik. Robots are even beginning to find their way into our homes and gardens, there are already Robots that can hoover and clean your carpets, mow the lawn, wake you up in the morning and even iron your shirts!



We now stock a considerable number of products to help you fully realise your Robotics projects and to learn a few new skills as you do so. everything from wheels to motors and motor driver boards to servos. We also have complete kits available to buy, with more planned for the very near future. If that weren't enough, we also have an ever-growing body of resources on individual product pages, blogs and in the Kitronik University to help you raise your Robot game.

Age 11+
large move mini mk 2 microbit built
Works with micro:bit V1 and V2
Age 11+
Kitronik Line Following Buggy for the BBC micro:bit
For reference only
discontinued item
large mearm classic transparent blue robot arm


Motors, Servos And Solenoids:

Not all Robots need to move from A to B, some can be stationary and just perform a single task over and over. However, even the most stationary of Robots usually have at least some moving parts or limbs. In the world of Robotics if something needs to move then you are going to need to design a way for that to happen. In most cases that will be either a motor or a servo being controlled by a computer or microcontroller such as the microbit.



Our range of stocked motors and servos is being regularly added to so whatever your needs, we should have the perfect solution for you. We carry a number of Servo's, both 180 degrees and 360 degree continuous rotation servos that a perfect for facilitating the movement of either the Robot or a moveable part.

large linear actuator robotics servo built angle
large kitronik klaw mk 2 robotic gripper under side
Works with micro:bit V1 and V2
large kitronik clippable servo fs90mg cl 180 degree main
Works with micro:bit V1 and V2


Motor Control And Accessories:

The main given in any Robot design is power, the more complex the design the more complex getting the power from source to destination becomes. We stock a number of options, including a Motor Driver board for the BBC microbit. Although the microbit can't supply the power needed to run a motor or motors, the addition of a motor driver board solves this problem.



When using motors, placing the motor any distance from the motor driver board is simply a matter of soldering the correct length of wire to the motors and connecting the other end of the wire to the driver board, job done! As servo's come with connectors fitted, the standard method of moving them further from the power/control signal source is to use extension cables.

Age 11+
large servo lite board move mini bbc microbit top
Works with micro:bit V1 and V2
For reference only
discontinued item
Kitronik motor driver board for micro:bit 1
For reference only
discontinued item
large all in 1 robotics board microbit
For reference only
discontinued item
large kitronik i2c servo driver board microbit


Pulleys, Axles And Wheels:

If your robot needs to move from one place to another then the easiest way to make that happen is to add powered wheels. We stock a number of wheel options, if you are powering your Robots with Servos or Motors we have options to suit a wide range of needs.



We also stock casters and dowel axles as not all wheels will need to be powered or even to be wheels.

TT large press moulded wheel tt motor tyres pair fitted
SV large press moulded wheel servo motor tyres pair fitted
Save 45%
D large injection moulded wheel d shaft motor tyres pair
large solderless tt motor interface board

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